About DigiSign 2.0

DigiSign implements the most popular message digest and checksum algorithms: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5, MD2, RIPEMD160, CRC32 and ADLER32. The samples provided below will also give you a clear idea about some possible uses of DigiSign: password encryption, data checksums, protection against hacking and viral infections of executable files.

DigiSign can be used with any COM compliant environment: Scripting languages (VBScript, JavaScript), Visual Basic (Versions 4 and up), VBA (Word, Excel, Access ...), VC++, BC++, Delphi, Power Builder.

DigiSign 2.0 Installation

Installation of the component is very simple using the provided installation utility. The component DigiSign.dll is copied to the system directory (like \winnt\system32 for NT or \windows\system for Win95). However if you move the DLL to another directory remember to register the component using the resgsrv32 program before trying to use it.

Change to the directory where you copied the DLL and type:

regsvr32 DigiSign.dll

DigiSign 2.0 Encryption Example

The following code demonstrates how to use DigiSign from VBScript / ASP. In this example we will create the "message digest" or "fingerprint" or "Signature" of a String or a File.

'DigiSign 2.0 VBScript Sample

'Create Hash Object

Set H = CreateObject ("DigiSign.Hash")

'Calculate the MD5 Signature of a string
S = H.CalculateStringDigest("This is our test string", 4)


'Calculate the SHA-1 Signature of a file
S = MD.CalculateFileDigest("C:\Autoexec.bat",0)



Visual Basic: This sample demonstrates how to create checksums and digital signatures.

Access: This sample demonstrates how to create bullet proof passwords for access databases.

About Upgrades

  1. Users can upgrade for free for minor version changes. For example, upgrades from version 1.00 to 1.99 are free. The upgrade from 1.99 to 2.0 may carry an additional license fee.
  2. The latest version of the components are always available at http://www.donia.com/products.htm. If a fee is associated with obtaining the upgrade it will be noted on that page.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade the component from a previous version please follow these steps:

  1. Stop all programs using the component. If you are using it in ASP stop IIS related services such as Gopher, FTP and W3SVC..
  2. Install the update using the provided setup utility.
  3. Don't forget to run regsvr32 as described above if you choose to move the DLL to another directory.
  4. Restart the necessary programs / services.

Technical Support

If you require technical support please send complete details about the problem you are having to support@donia.com. Include the version of DigiSign you are using, any error messages, sample code snippets that demonstrate the problem (most problems are scripting errors), information about the hosting environment etc. For example, if you are using ASP to host the component please let me know what version of IIS and ASP you are running (and if you have installed any of the HotFixes). The more information you can provide in your request for help, the faster your problems can be resolved.

Supported Hash / Checksum Functions

Name dsHashAlgorithm constants Digest length
Hash Algorithms
SHA-1 0 20 bytes
SHA-256 1 32 bytes
SHA-384 2 48 bytes
SHA-512 3 64 bytes
MD-5 4 16 bytes
MD-2 5 16 bytes
RIPEMD-160 6 20 bytes
Non-Cryptographic Checksums
CRC32 7 4 bytes
ADLER32 8 4 bytes


DigiSign 2.0 Methods

Method Parameters Return Value Description
CalculateStringDigest strData, dsHashAlgorithm

strData: String to  sign or encrypt.

dsHashAlgorithm: Hash algorithm used. for a complete list see supported Hash algorithms table.

String  Use this method to get the digest or checksum of a string. 
CalculateFileDigest FileName, dsHashAlgorithm

FileName: File Name. UNC paths are supported.

dsHashAlgorithm: Hash algorithm used. for a complete list see supported Hash algorithms table.

String  Use this method to get the Hash or Checksum of a file.
About None   Use this method to check if you are running an Evaluation version or a Full version.


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