ShareScan v1.0 - Network Security Tool

ShareScan is a network tool that allows administrators to easily scan their enterprise TCP/IP networks for visible or unprotected network resources such as shared drives and printers. Tools of this sort have long been at the disposal of hackers, allowing them to take advantage of what in many computer security experts' opinions, is one of the the biggest loopholes in network security. This becomes even more so, as broadband and other high speed connections put an ever increasing number of unsuspecting user at the risk of such  vulnerabilities every day.

ShareScan's purpose is to put a better detection tool at the hands of legitimate users. It was designed to fulfill it's role as fast and as reliably as possible.

The Problem: The need for ShareScan arose from the fact that it is very easy for a user (or a computer program) to expose a computer and the rest of the network to serious security issues by sharing computer resources without paying too much attention to access rights, permissions etc... This happens, and will continue to happen, and is not a security flaw in the operating system.

The Threat: There are solutions to the above problems, like  firewalls, user policies and other things of the sort... but in the real world a network is never 100% impermeable, 100% of the time. The only thing that is guaranteed to be 100% up all time, thanks to a world wide collective effort, are the wicked minds out there. The examples are numerous and make the headlines of almost every newscast, and no one is safe, not even the "though guys".

The Solution: ShareScan is the fastest and easiest tool to discover all accessible network resources (or windows shares) on your network before anyone else does. Thanks to it's multi threaded design, ShareScan performs a thorough scan of any size network, faster than any hacker tool out there.

Trial Version: A free trial version is available for download. This version is limited in a way that it only allows you to scan 10 consecutive IP addresses. This limitation does not exist in the full version.

Note: Due to differences in the underlying operating systems, the NT - 2000 - XP version provides substantially better performance that the 9x - ME version

Downloads: ShareScan v1.0 for Windows NT - 2000 - XP (857KB)
  ShareScan v1.0 for Windows 95 - 98 - ME (857KB)


To order ShareScan via phone, US customers can call Universal Commerce, Inc at 1-877-353-7297.  This call is a toll-free call and is available to our US and Canada customers.  If you do not live within the US or Canada, you can contact Universal Commerce, Inc. at 425-392-2294.When ordering by telephone, please have the Product ID number ready:
ShareScan 9x/ME (1450-10)

ShareScan NT/2000 (1450-11)

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